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Java Software, Android App and Website Development

Our Services


Your business is unique.  At OSS Ltd we will do our best to identify the best and most practical solutions for the size and scope of your enterprise.

Every solution we provide is custom built for our clients, whether it's a web site, desktop application or mobile app.

Our services include:

Software Development

Web design is just a part of our capability portfolio. We have also developed a number of desktop applications for a number of clients and our own internal use.

If your organisation needs to develop an application for yourselves or for a 3rd party, we are happy to partner with, or sub-contractor for you to provide the solution.  Click here for more information about our development services.

App Development

Development of software for mobile systems has been part of our company since 1999. Originally working with J2ME, we have more recently developed several Android apps for both internal R&D purposes and publication.

We currently have two apps on the Google Play store. One of these was created to demonstrate back-end connectivity allowing multiple users to communicate through a back-end server (REG1T). The other is an original single player strategy game (Tank Strategy) that uploads world-wide high scores to a server.

All the 3D graphics, video, audio and music were created in-house and both applications also have their own responsive websites (see the links).

Web Design

Our websites are all bespoke designs, created and tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

We have a wealth of experience developing websites backed with databases, web services, billing systems, reporting and adminsitration.  Click here for more details.

If you have a need for a website that is more than a simple online brochure, then we are the people you need to speak to. Call us now to discuss your requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a dynamic field. At OSS we have endeavored to understand Google's purpose and achieve robust SEO solutions. Using Google's rich snippets and following good web coding practices we can get long term results from targeted searches

Hosting and support

We can provide a comprehensive range of hosting and support for your website.  Of course, our support is also included when we develop applications and apps that are not web based.  For more details of our hosting and support services, click here.

Data and Content management

Our secure servers and management systems will keep your data safe, backed-up and accessible

We use the robust, reliable and high performance MySQL relational database to store data and content.