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As well as providing bespoke solutions for a variety of clients, we have also developed our own range of innovative products.

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The Visitor Experience Survey app collects information and opinions from visitors to your venue.  It was initially created for the West Highland Museum and successfully gathered information from over 350 visitors.  This information was used to support a bid for expansion of the museum facilities.

As part of the service, we will discuss the survey questions with you, customise the app as necessary and provide it, pre-installed and ready to go on a tablet.  We will then analyse the data provided by your visitors and present you with a detailed report.

The West Highland Museum has already started to use the survey results to support their plans for extending and improving the museum.

The analysis also clearly showed that the majority of visitors were finding the museum by simply coming across it whilst walking through the town.  This fact was used in support of an objection to a proposed plan to build a permanent structure in the square in front of the museum.  Without the information from the survey, the case would not have been as strong.

Download our trifold PDF for more info.

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Tank Strategy is a turn based strategy game for Android™ smart phones and tablets. Everything was created in-house – the game concept, graphics, music and sound. Tank Strategy is available for free download on the Google Play store. For full details, please visit tankstrategy.com

The following video was also entirely prepared in-house.

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REG1T is an Android™ App that lets people communicate using their vehicle registration numbers. Available for free download from the Google Play Store. See the REG1T website for full details.

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Zeezaw is a free-to-use price tracking and monitoring website that uses Amazon's web service APIs to track their prices. Zeezaw members can set their own target prices for items and when we find a match, we send an e-mail to let them know.  We have thousands of members and check thousands of prices for them every day.  You can find Zeezaw here.

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Minfota is a platform for delivering and connecting visual content with important or useful information in dynamic and interactive way.

Ideal for virtual tours, one-off locations, golf clubs, hotels, archaeological digs, temporary or permanent exhibitions, instruction manuals and more.

Simple website integration and an easy-to-use web based content management system.